Seduced by Colour

I should have known better. I am not a “fluffy” kinda gal, yet I still bought the mohair fluff for the Versailles Shawl. Well, I had a reality check & realised I was just seduced by the colour…mmmm purple. It is now residing on ebay, a beautiful colour but mohair has no place in my life.
In the meantime I have finished the pom pom scarf from the sean sheep pattern book. Similar purple/berry colours. Just so cute & funky I am waiting for a chilly day so I can don my pom poms.

The crocheted skirt from ‘The Happy Hooker’ (also in purple-I see a trend here) is nearing completion. Don’t know if I’ll be game to wear it or if it will adorn Elle (my body double) but I am rather pleased as it is my first fully crocheted garment.