Look what arrived on my doorstep today. That’s right it’s the Lorna’s Laces yarn for the twisted float shrug. Beautiful yarn. I have squished it & stroked it and can’t wait to get it on the needles. But, first things first. I am hoping to finish the jumper for the Guardian Angel Project. I was only thinking last night that any US readers will find that (jumper) a strange expression. But here in Australia that’s how we refer to our sweaters!
I have a couple of little beanies ready to go.

This beanie is supposed to have a fold back rib trim but I got tired of trying to stop it rolling up, so now I encourage it to roll more. I will also send the Cupcake Hat, seen in a previous post (March 23)
The jumper/sweater should get finished this evening. I have about 1/2 of the sleeves to go (am knitting them together). Here is a pic of the front so you can see the colourway.

I know it doesn’t match the beanie (made from stash yarn) but when it’s -40 degrees & you are freezing your a**** off I don’t think the colour of your new warm clothes is an option. (Anyway the cupcake hat will match)
Also have a Zhivago wrap nearly finished, so it will be completed before I cast on for the twisted float shrug .
Lots of pics today to make up for being slack lately.