Zhivago Wrap Vest

I have finished the asymmetric wrap vest in Patons Zhivago. This is a lovely yarn to knit with and the pattern was very easy. Knitted in one piece in garter stitch, what could be easier? Zhivago is gloriously soft to use, the spiel in the book says, “…a superbly soft and luxurious yarn, which has the comfort of cotton, the drape of rayon and the handle and lustre of silk…..due to a blend of tencel outside an acrylic core. Tencel is natural fibre derived from wood pulp.” Who would have known that wood fibre could be so soft? Very drapey, I wonder how the shape will hold up? Not that it matters because I will be frogging the lot, visiting the LYS and getting 4 more balls and making something more structured. Why? Because it doesn’t look like this ……..

Maybe because I don’t have a waist! Oh well. It was therapeutic, very relaxing to knit.

In the meantime I have gathered a collection of blue & red yarns for the 2 bags orders and have made a start on those.

This will probably be my last post for a couple of weeks. I am off to Thailand! Hoping to ride an elephant (not very PC I know), vist a buddhist temple and find lots of lovely textiley things (thinking silk & gold threads).