I’m Back

Back from Thailand. We had a lovely relaxing time and came back recharged. I really enjoyed Phuket, slow paced so you couldn’t help relax (the cocktails and foot massages by the pool may have helped!) and the people are very friendly. The last couple of days we spent in Kuala Lumper & this was very different. Too much big city hustle & bustle for my liking. Anyway, back to the real world now.

I haven’t had much time for any type of creativity since we returned. By day I am busily trying to catch up on work. Someone remind me that the end of the financial year, combined with implementing a new program into the business is not a good time to go away. However at night I am working on the 2 freeform bags. I have also been thinking about the twisted float shrug and checking the KAL site. I think I might try Emily Ocker’s circular cast on that Kenny suggested. This seems a way of getting a smaller hole in the centre.