Bits n Pieces

I have been very slack blog-wise this week, only because I have had no pictures to post. I have been working hard on the freeform bags, hopefully one will be finished over the weekend. Also recieved the first in the series by Patti Culea of her Stargaze Tome. I gather this has been around for about 3 years but I have just “found” it and am looking forward to trying different textile art techniques for each page of this fabric journal.

This is a picture of the actual tome cover page. I have got the basics done, ladies on & dressed but that is all. I have started embellishing their outfits and thinking about hair & faces. I am a bit daunted by the faces. This will be the make or break part of the whole exercise. I will have to do a few practise faces first.

Playways Module 2 has been languishing lately so I have decided that Mondays will become definite ‘play days’. It has been cold & rainy here this week so a perfect week for staying indoors and creating. Haven’t forgotten the twisted float shrug, but that comes after the freeform bags are finished. I do my knitting in the evenings while watching TV and try not to get too many projects on ‘the needles’ at once otherwise I find nothing seems to progress.