Tyvek Pics, Bag Finished

I finished the blue freeform bag today but wont post any pictures until I hand it over. I think it’s only fair that the owner gets to see it in person first. So, there should be pictures of it tomorrow.
I have started the twisted float shrug again, this time using Emily Ocker’s Circular Cast On. This gave a much better result, only a tiny hole. In hindsight though I probably should have gone straight to the 2nd row and had 16 (or is it 12?) sts cast on before I transferred to dpn.
Here is a picture of the tyvek experiment from last Friday. Not sure how the metallics will appear on your monitor but the colours are lovely.

Other than finishing the blue bag (have to come up with a better name than that), today was more a “gathering of supplies” day: template plastic, gold knitting wire, machine embroidery threads, fabric & prismacolor pencils. Hopefully there will be time for playing later in the week.