Paint The Town Red

Here is the red freeform bag, just have to sew the lining in.

The twisted float shrug is progressing well, and I should be ready to put in the armholes in another 2 rows. Although my shrug measurements do not match those in the pattern I think it will be the right width and I have the correct number of stitches. It is surprising how quickly it knits up but I think progress will slow down now as it’s taking longer & longer to get around. The advantage is that there is no sewing to be done at the end: no weaving in of yarn ends, no seams, yah!

I received a lovely email during the week from Norway. The person who sent it to me wanted to let me know that she thought my handbags were beautiful and she called me a real artist. It is lovely to receive such comments “out of the blue” and it made my week. So thank you Elisabeth. I think it may have been your comments that prompted me to finish the red freeform bag!