Sock Update

Well, the sock is progressing slowly. I guess I am about 1/2 way to the heel (coming down the leg). The problem is I have been neglecting the twisted float shrug and the August Oh Bag Me project (which I think I need all of August to finish!).
I’m thinking the appeal with sock knitting is that it is relatively quick, practical & makes a nice gift. The self patterning yarns add to this. I like fair isle because I tend to finish it quickly. As the pattern forms I want to do “just” one more row; one row quickly turns to another pattern repeat. With the sock yarns you just knit, you don’t have to worry about when to change colours or weaving yarn across the back of your knitting. The pattern creates itself so I am finding I want to do “just” one more round to see what’s happening with the colour placement. However if you look at the photo of my sock, the colour placement is a bit off. Is this because I’m using On Line not Opal that the pattern calls for? More likely my tension (gauge) is a bit off! Never have been one to swatch. But with this yarn I don’t think it matters terribly. The colour change is not abrupt, there is a gradual merging of the colours and, really, they are only socks after all. The top half will be hidden by my jeans & the bottom half in my shoes……mmmm….so tell me again why am I bothering?