Sock Hop

One down, one to go. Actually I quite enjoyed knitting my sock even though I may now suffer ‘single sock syndrome’. Apparently this is what frequently happens to sock knitters who complete one sock & find it difficult to start the second! My sock is a little large and if I ever make another pair I will go down in needle size. However it is very cosy and so comfortable. So I will make its mate (eventually).
My LYS has a big sale starting today (20% off! How is a girl to resist?) & I was there when the doors opened! Normally I don’t have a stash, never saw the point in buying yarn just in case. I mean what if you have 10 balls of some lush yarn in your stash and when you do find the right pattern you find you need 12 balls? I tend to have a pattern stash instead. So in preparation for today, I pulled out a couple of my stashed patterns and headed for the sale. I’ll get some pics up in the next couple of days and show you what I bought.