Fabric Sculpture Workshop

Yesterday I attended a fabric sculpture workshop. Lots of mess & lots of fun. Here is a sample of finished sculptures from the class.

Exciting news on the twisted float shrug, only 5 rows to go before the body is finished. Mind you, each row is 500+ stitches! I have started on the boucle trim. This is a lovely soft yarn but being a boucle you’ve got to watch those pesky loops, so these last 5 rows will slow me down.

I received my partners in the International Tote Exchange. Both are in the US. I feel very spoilt by Holly who is making my bag. She is a felt bag designer so how lucky am I?! Holly is going to a lot of trouble to make sure I receive the bag I really want, design-wise and colour-wise. I am so lucky. She has her own website, & I’ll post the web address next time (have to look it up again).Meanwhile I have been perusing patterns for the bag I have to knit. I am keeping my identity a secret from this partner until the end, so I can post progress pics on the Tote Exchange site. I think I have found the right pattern but am a bit worried I may have bitten off more than I can chew (time-wise). There’s always a free-form bag available if time is running short, as I also have to allow for shipping to the States before the deadline.