Wisteria Update

The Wisteria Bag is growing….and growing….and growing. It looks huge but is measuring the same as the original. It will be a great size for toting lots of things in, especially if you have a couple of kids tagging along (hint, hint). I am still trying to keep my identity a secret from my swap partner; remember this bag is for the International Tote Exchange II. Also here is the link to Holly’s website. Holly is my other partner who is making a bag for me.

And look what was outside my window this morning…my first Wisteria bloom..just for added inspiration!

The Weekend Getaway Satchel (my Mary Poppins bag) is also growing at an alarming rate. I hope these bags will be strong enough to cope with the amount that will be able to fit in them!

I have also just joined an online group especially for us Aussie gals. If you are interested have a look here . It is only a new group, started last month, so you might like to join up; they seem a very friendly and easy going group.

R.I.P. Steve