Round Robin Quilt Is Home

Not much knitting has been done lately as I hurry to finish the last round of a round robin quilt.
This project started in January of this year with a group of 7 women from an online quilting group.
The idea was that we all did the centre square of our quilt top. This would establish the clours and theme/style for the entire quilt. Quilts were mailed on every 4-6 weeks with the next lady adding another round. Each round added had to follow set guidelines. For example, one month the round had to include 45 degree angles, another involved turning the whole thing on point, etc. The last round is applique and this is what I am completing on the last quilt through my hands.
I am feeling a little guilty about not having it finished as yet because on the weekend my quilt top was hand delivered to me, and it looks fabulous! The photo will probably not do justice to the richness of the colours. It is large enough for my queen size bed with some overhang on the sides.