Bits & Pieces

I’ve tried to get some close ups of the fabric sculpture so you can see some of the details.

I love the way the green & metallic paint make it look like a copper/bronze piece that has been out in the weather for months.

The mystery object is, of course, a bag. Here are pics of it pre- & post- felting. The olive green obviously snuck its way into my stash of what I thought was 100% wool (Jo Sharp DK wool – which felts beautifully).As you can see the green didn’t felt but I think it is OK as it adds some texture to the piece; and overall the bag didn’t shrink much so the non felted green doesn’t distort the shape at all. It had one cycle in the machine so is lightly felted. I made a 7 stitch I-cord for the handle and now have to decide how to attach it to the bag. The bag pattern is by Annie Modesitt. It is the 2-point bottom mitred bag. As this was a test knit for her, the pattern is not available as yet.

It is a quick & easy pattern with room to do your own thing. The pattern allows for any yarn to be used and any size bag to be made. This type of knitting could be adapted to other items as well.