"Meeting" my visitors

Since my last post wondering who my blog visitors are I have made contact with a couple of you, Kim & Anniki.

Kim is from the US. Kim, I have been reading your blog too & like you have been experiencing some discomfort/pain when knitting. But, also like you, it is hard to not knit. So, what did I do? I ordered the Colinette Rock Gods pattern book (from an Australian supplier) after seeing your Harlow coat! Not sure if there’s much call for the Harlow where I live but some of the other patterns look really nice. And thanks Kim: I have now signed up to Bloglines & it’s saving me heaps of time visiting all my favourite blogs for me to see who has posted.

My other visitor is Anniki, who is from Estonia. Now Anniki, my geography is very poor & I had to look in the atlas to see exactly where Estonia is! I have also visited your blog and your work is beautiful!

Nice to ‘meet’ you both. The world is really not so big after all.