Every Year Is The Same

Why is it that every year is the same?

In November I’m thinking: plenty of time until Christmas, after all it’s a month away. Then, before you know it, there’s only a couple of weeks left and you’ve done nothing! But the other bit that’s always the same is that each year I get it all done with time to spare. Hopefully this year will be just like every other year.

So, every day starts with a list. At the end of the day anything still on that list gets put on the list for tomorrow. There’s always tomorrow, (except on December 24!). So far, so good. Presents have been bought & wrapped, the tree & decorations are up, and I’ve made a start on the Christmas cards.

With everything under control I have spent some time working towards the end of Module 2 of Playways on the Net. December 2006 was my personal deadline. I’m getting there but will probably need a couple more months of playing with this one.

The weekend saw me taking the kids into town so they could do their own Christmas shopping. I think they really enjoyed it this year as they were left to shop alone and decide for themselves what they got as gifts for the people on their list.

Any spare time over the weekend I used to knit some samples for my Hand Knit course. I am really enjoying this course and am nearly half way through Module 1 although there are lots of samples still to be completed.

Here are some samples I have blocked; waiting to be mounted & labelled.