D is for…..


Yeh. I passed my last uni subject and received a distinction. Now to wait a few more weeks to see that yes I have done all the correct subjects and, yes I will be awarded my degree.

On the knitting front: I completed Klaralund and sewed all the seams, tried it on & now think it will be so much better if only it were a few inches longer. So, I have undone the garter stitch edge and frogged back to the stocking stitch. I’ll add about 5-6 inches more stocking stitch to the front & back of the body then will have photos to show.

The textile piece I laid out last week is progressing slowly. I have bonded the purple chiffon over the top and it is waiting to go under the machine. The trouble with this time of the year is that there is always something more pressing that needs to be done & I can sense that my creative efforts are going to slow even more until the new year.