The Year Ahead

I have read on other blogs about various new year “resolutions”. Having learnt from past experience that the usual ‘lose weight’ & ‘save money’ kind don’t work I just wonder what the new year will bring & how well I will stick to my ‘intentions’.

2007 is, apparently, the year of the de-stash. Knitters worldwide are on a yarn diet and knitting from their stash only. Of course there are exceptions to this, as the purchase of sock yarn somehow doesn’t apply.

I won’t kid myself that I won’t purchase any more yarn (sock or otherwise) but I do intend to knit from my stash. I have made 2007 my year of the finished object! I have enough projects (with the yarn) to keep me busy for most of the year, along with ‘block of the month’ quilting kits that I somehow never kept up with each month, Playways & the Touchbase Hand Knit course. My intention/resolution is to finish lots/something/anything I have started; this includes patterns & yarns I have bought & not yet cast on for……… We’ll see.

Just before Christmas I cast on for the Waterlily Top in Interweave Knits Spring 2006. Due to problems getting the correct gauge I have had to frog it & start again. A smaller size needle & a smaller size top. (Now I’m worried that it will have to be frogged again, too small maybe?)

The International Tote Exchange is on again. Sign up ends January 24. Crochet or knit a bag/purse and send to a secret pal.
“A friend is one who walks in when others walk out” -Walter Winchell
Thanks Karin.