Progress Report

The Jane Thornley KAL is going “swimmingly”. We set sail into rough seas but have just reached calmer currents. Jane has been using sailing/sea terms in her posts so thought I’d continue the theme!

I really like how the browns are knitting up. The unfortunate thing is that they don’t photograph so well and a lot of the textural effect is lost.

In an effort to show some distinction between the yarns I have used so far I have lightened the photo considerably; the original is more a rich chocolate brown, yum! (and doesn’t look so fluffy!).

I have finished the back of the Sirdar jacket & am up to the neck decreases on the left front. As the large needles are hard on my hands I only knit this every second day. The yarn, Denim Ultra (or is it Ultra Denim) has a large cotton content and it is knitting up to be very soft & cosy. And, another bonus, I think this is something that will actually fit me!