The Old Routines Return

Yesterday I finished the Sirdar jacket in Denim Ultra; it is blocked and is just waiting for a button. It turned out a lot heavier than I imagined but will be nice & cosy in the cooler months. Once I get the button on I will post a pic of the finished product.

Partners have been assigned in the Aussie Knitters Dishcloth Swap , & I am knitting for Penni. Now, I haven’t blown my cover, Penni is the organiser of the swap so of course she knows who her partner is! After reading some of Penni’s blog though I feel a bit daunted by the prospect of making dish cloths for the “dish cloth queen”. Penni has made so many dishcloths & her knitting is lovely; so the pressure’s on.

Partners are also being assigned in the 3rd International Tote Exchange, so sometime over the next few days I should get the details of my buddy.

It seems like everything is getting back into it’s normal routine now. The boys go back to school this coming week and the knitting exchanges are happening!

In case you were thinking this was a boring no eye candy post, I do have pictures. Here are a few of the latest samples I have been working on for my Playways module 2.