One of my Christmas gifts was an iPod. I wanted an iPod not for listening to music but so I could download & listen to podcasts.

I’m sure a lot of knitters are already familiar with Lime & Violet . Not for the faint hearted knitter, Lime & Violet are 2 girls who tell it like it is. Their podcasts often have me laughing out loud! (Now this is alright in my loungeroom but it can make other people a little uneasy when I’m out in public, alone.)

Another podcaster, closer to home, is David Reidy. David Reidy is a knitter living in the Blue Mountains area of NSW. I like listening to David, he is a (relatively) new knitter who has recently bought a spinning wheel. I’m eagerly awaiting updates on his spinning lessons.

But my favourite, at this time, is Amy Cowen at the Creative Mom Podcast. I recently discovered Amy through another blog link and have been trying to catch up on all her past episodes. Amy is a mum of 2 young boys and struggles to find time for her own creative needs. Amy is a pleasure to listen to, she is a natural born story teller & has a real way with words. Her weekly podcasts make me think, make me smile & make me want to be creative in some way. Each week the podcast also includes some music. The music chosen by Amy is beautiful. The only problem I have with the Creative Mom podcast is that Amy gives book reviews. Now books are my weakness & so far I have ordered 2 that she has reviewed (& I’m only up to episode 5!). One arrived today & I will post about it after I have had a chance to look through it. It doesn’t matter if you knit, paint, write, scrapbook or take photographs. If you feel the need to have some type of creativity as a part of your life, especially if you are a mum, have a listen to the Creative Mom podcast.