1/12 of the year has gone, never to return & I look back and think what have I accomplished. I know I was very busy, but what have I to show for it??

February is also the starting month for Project Spectrum. The colours for February and March are BLUE WHITE & GREY

so my jacket in Denim Ultra fits in nicely.

I still haven’t had much of a chance to really read my new book, recommended by Amy of the Creative Mom podcast (links in the sidebar). The book is Visual Chronicles by Linda Woods & Karen Dinino, who I seem to recall are sisters.

I am not a journaller, not a scrapbooker, not a collager, but this is the second book I have bought on this subject. I think it is the visual feast it provides & the ideas for exploring this medium. It must be having some sort of impact on me because I went out yesterday & purchased a child’s board book that I am now proceeding to cover with layers of gesso on each page.

4 layers of paint & I can still see those trucks.
I’m not entirely sure what I will put on each page. I have had lots of ideas buzzing around in my head. I’m thinking instead of painting on to canvas that I may paint in this book, glue in magazine cut outs & photographs, decorate & embellish. Each page could represent a month of this coming year, a highlight of my week, it could be inspired by something I see, something I read or something I dream. Like I said I’m not entirely sure, in the meantime it’s another coat of gesso – so when I am ready, the book will be waiting.