Getting Organised

The last couple of days I feel like I am starting to get on top of things, to get a bit more organised.

I have finished the knitting of the Vintage Bubble Bag for the Tote Exchange . It has been through the wash to be felted and is now drying. I am really happy with its size & shape; so much so that one day soon I will be making one just for me. The felting has fuzzed up the yarn a bit so it will need a shave and I’m going to put some wooden beads in the centre of the flowers. Don’t worry there will be pics when it is finished. We have had a bit of rain recently so the air is damp & it’s taking a few days to dry.

I got the last 2 blocks assembled for my proposed wallhanging that I will be making as a result of online Crazy Quilting classes with Sharon B. Here are the ‘naked’ blocks:

I started the seam embroidery on the pale cream coloured block yesterday but soon realised my range of threads is not going to be sufficient. So today I am off to buy more thread and also some more yarn for the Jane Thornley KAL.

The other thing I have done that has made me feel more organised was to clean out my knitting basket.

After finishing the bag for the exchange I decided to do something about the Waterlily Top. I knew it wasn’t working. It had been frogged once & re-cast on with smaller needles. I knew the yarn was not right for this pattern but I was up to shaping the bodice, not much more knitting before it was finished. But I knew…so I left it in the bottom of my knitting bag, until now. What was the point of finishing it if it wasn’t right? -just because I love the shape of this top….. but I knew because of the drape (or lack of) in this yarn it would never look the same. So I frogged the lot, rewound the balls & have put it aside waiting for the ‘right’ project.

Something else in my knitting basket was an unfinished freeform bag. It was white, WHITE!! What was I thinking making a bag out of white yarn?? Well, it was inspired by the film Narnia. It even had crystals hanging from it.

I salvaged what I could & binned the rest.
It was a good feeling!
The last remaining item in the bottom of my knitting basket was a single sock and its mate (well, half a mate) had 3 double points stuck in its top. So, I am now finishing off my first pair of socks! When the socks are finished the only thing on my needles will be the Jane Thornley KAL. I feel much better when there is only one project on the go!