Crazy Quilt Progress

I know Sharon advised me not to put the wall hanging together as it would make stitching the individual blocks more difficult. But the more I thought about it the more I had to.

With the blocks joined I can better see where lines from one block may continue across into another block & cause potential design issues. I also want the option of being able to extend any embellishment outside the confines of each block.

The eventual hanging may yet have another border, perhaps a dark velvet, perhaps not.

I have started stitching the light cream block, for no other reason than it is the first block in the hanging. There is lots more stitching to be done before the next lesson. Because of the monochrome colour some of the stitching is difficult to see in the photograph but I have used a variety of thread weights and slight tonal differences.

The pale green feather stitch to the left of the lady is done in 2 shades of wool. It will later have flowers added. I am yet to decide if these will be silk ribbon embroidered or simple buttons. It could be a combination.

And of course, no crazy quilt is complete without the traditional spider web. Does anyone know why? If you do can you let me know.
I added a few clear beads as dew drops.