Abandon Ship!

I am leaving the Jane Thornley KAL . Whilst I love the idea of this freeform garment and enjoy combining the different textures I have to be honest with myself. A large brown, shapeless knitted fabric draped about my body is NOT going to be flattering. Instead I will still experiment with freeform design but in a more flattering (for me) shape.

This is where I was up to in the knitting. Not too far along to have invested too much time but far enough to have some qualms about pulling the needle out & frogging the lot. But it’s done. I am not going to waste valuable time and expensive yarn on something I won’t wear.

I also re organised my whole yarn stash. Whilst knitting the freeform bags I accumulated a lot of novelty type yarns; yarns I’m not going to use in a garment for myself. So, everything is now organised in neat piles according to colour, loose ends have been tamed and any yarn I knew I wasn’t going to use has found a new home in the second hand store. Now my yarn supply fits nicely into its container instead of bulging at the seams and threatening to erupt onto the floor. I also know what I have.

There are still a couple of items waiting by the frog pond but their time will come…..