Life Drawing

It seems ages since I last blogged, although it was only earlier this week. It seems even longer since I last blogged about any art, even longer since I posted any pics of my life drawing.

So, here is a taste of what I did this morning in my life drawing class. The teacher of this class is great. Every week she has us trying new techniques and different mediums. As a beginner I find this very helpful.

Usually we start the morning with quick 30 second poses. 30 seconds to capture the essence, the stance, the impression of our model. Often these quick sketches are drawn with our left hand (as we are all right handed in this class). Or our teacher will have us drawing from the bottom of the paper up, all lines are to be drawn this way, in an upwards direction. This felt really strange but I loved the free looking drawing it produced.

Today we used charcoal ( a favourite of mine so far) and conte. Strong lines, smudging with newspaper, adding white as a highlight….

A final play with quick, loose lines……