If Only…

If only I could be so industrious, if only I could accomplish so much in one night.

And there was not one web in my garden this morning, but two. Two busy little spiders has spun these glorious structures that no doubt as the day passes will unfortunately be destroyed, and tonight, they will have to rebuild.

As the mornings are becoming cooler the webs were sprinkled in dew this morning, with the sun rising behind them…..life’s good.

Not as beautiful in design as the spider’s web, here is the product of my own endeavours this last week. Lots of samples for my design course , lots of samples waiting to be blocked, lots of yarn ends to be dealt with.

I am hoping this week to finish the last of mounting & labelling samples, tidying up my work and posting it off to be assessed. I am looking forward to the arrival of the next module and the colour work it brings.