Knitting & Needlework

Here is my first multidirectional knitting project in Noro Silk Garden. I love this technique & found it very addictive, always wanting to do just one more triangle before putting it down. It is the free pattern I received when I joined this group .

Very little progress has been made on the crazy quilt block. I moved the ribbon tails and took them outside the confines of the block, couching them down with small pearl beads.
I added some flower beads to the spray on the left and some buttons to the lower left corner. The dyed lace on the lower right has finally been removed, it really bothered me. I may put a button & bead cluster here instead or another floral motif.

The drawing I did this week is in charcoal. I really like the effect of the black & white and am considering doing more in this style.

Also this week I have been thinking about converting our guest bedroom into a sewing/craft room. It means we will lose our spare bedroom, but I think I’m ready to make this sacrifice!