Update, update, update

Sorry no pics, I know Boring! Just a quick update on the week so far.

I have received my swap pal for secretpal10 so now the fun begins. I also know my other swap partner (is it upstream or downstream?? I can never remember) is stalking my blog *lol* so Hi!

I should also receive the details of my swap partner for the International Scarf Exchange any minute now, so am (im/)patiently checking my email.

On the knitting front: Sorrel is progressing slowly. I was knitting & thinking last night. I don’t usually post pictures of WIPs, especially sweaters, because they don’t usually turn out the way I envisaged. I think I will make an exception with Sorrel. Too bad if it is destined for the frog pond, a WIP pic is all part of the process. So any day now I will take a photo and post it & the pattern details.

The crazy quilt wall hanging is at a standstill due to lack of free time but I have been adding to my stash of goodies to stitch onto it when I find a moment. I have found a wonderful source of lace & charms here in Australia. I first discovered this lady (Sylvia) via ebay and then on her website. Her stuff is lovely & the service I have received is to be commended. Sylvia goes that one step further to assist. Check out her site here.

This Saturday will be the last of my life drawing classes this term. Unfortunately I will miss what is scheduled to be the last lesson the following week due to a family get-together. In preparation for this week’s class our teacher asked us to paint some cartridge paper with strong coffee, so I have yummy smelling papers laying around drying.

The great spare bedroom makeover is underway. My new creative space looks like someone has thrown all my things in and shaken the room upside down! I have some more storage units arriving tomorrow (I hope) and then I can start sorting and arranging. It is not a large room, but hopefully it will mean that my sewing machine, yarns, books, art supplies and other bits & pieces will all be in the one room. Can’t wait.