Time For A Cuppa….

Grab a cuppa & sit for a while. I actually have lots of pics today (to make up for the last post).

March 23 is my birthday. Most years my birthday is mostly ‘ho-hum’, one year it even passed by, forgotten by those who should have remembered! Then, every now & again, the ‘special’ day really is special. I remember my last year in high school was also one such ‘special’ birthday. This year I seemed to receive more cards, more good wishes, more phone calls, more gifts & more surprises than in the previous years. I had a really ‘special’ day. E-cards from friends, an e-card from a yet to be disclosed Secret Pal (thank you SP10 pal), family phone calls, lunch with friends, dinner with family & friends, and thoughtful surprise gifts…what more could you want from a birthday.

The icing on the cake came when I read that the winning bag in the Needle Emporium sponsored competition for the International Tote Exchange was, (drum roll please), yes, the Vintage Bubble Bag that I made.

Remember this..

I feel very proud to have won and I loved making this bag.

Other knitting:

On the needles is Sorrel from Rowan magazine #40. I am at the armholes on the back and am really happy with the drape of this yarn, Filatura Di Crosa Gioiello. It has subtle gold and black flecks through it.

I have received the details of my swap pal for the International Scarf Exchange. I can’t say too much about my pal (don’t want to give my identity away) but the lady does live in another country, & it’s a country I’ve never swapped with before. I have finally decided on the pattern I will use and have ordered what I hope will be suitable yarn. I’ll post pics & details of both when it arrives.

Today was the last of the Life Drawing classes for this term. I felt really happy with most of my efforts today and have posted quite a few pics. A lot of the drawings were done with charcoal, on paper painted with coffee. The studio smelt yummy today!

And my favourite: