Ssh, It’s A Secret…

Don’t you love the button for the Secret Pal 10? There was a myriad of buttons from which to choose, but this was definitely the cutest.

I have a fair bit of secret knitting going on at the moment so it is difficult to blog about what’s on my needles. I am trying to decide if I will make something for my secret pal or not. It is a matter of time, what would I knit and, the big decider, looking at my pal’s blog she is quite an accomplished knitter. Can I measure up & produce something she would be happy to receive?? Either way, it is fun deciding what to send & when to send the packages.

Also a secret is the scarf for the International Scarf Exchange . I have starting knitting Dragon Scales. I’m still not sure if this is the right pattern for this stunning yarn. I’m worried the pattern is lost in all the colour but I’ll keep going and see how it looks when it is blocked. I am hoping the blocking will open up the pattern. I have a Plan B if this one doesn’t work.

In other secret knitting news: the Aussie Knitters One Skein- Choice of 3 swap has commenced. In this swap the participants nominated 3 items that they would like that could be made from one skein of yarn along with their colour preferences. Their swap partner then chooses one of these to knit for them. As the group is quite small I am not posting anything about this swap item until my pal has received it.

Something I have been knitting for myself (but is now waiting until all the swap knitting is over) is the Lapis Asymetrical Top by Jane Thornley.

It is knit sideways and then has a few rows along the bottom to hold it all in shape. I am planning to add some small beads along this edge. All my favourite purples, peacock blue & teal greens. A fast knit (when I find the time).

Other crafty news has me appliqueing a dunny (Australian for Outhouse, outside toilet). This is for a quilt being put together by the craft group I attend on Tuesdays. We have aimed this one at the fellas & it will be raffled to raise money for the Cancer Council.

Oops, sorry it’s in sideways (forgot to edit this one!) but you get the general idea.
Lots more stitching to do.

On a personal news front, I received my degree in the post this morning. It took me a while, and there was, literally, blood, sweat & tears along the way but I did it.