Craft & Quilt Fair

Yesterday I drove to the Gold Coast for the Craft & Quilt Fair. This is probably only the second or third year that the craft fair has been at this venue. The problem with this is that some of the better/more interesting (in my opinion only!) exhibitors don’t go to the Gold Coast show. They tend to stick to the major cities. Having been to craft fairs in Sydney & Brisbane I found the Gold Coast fair to be a little disappointing. I suppose if you have to make a choice as to where you exhibit you would choose venues where the crowds are bigger, people spend more & there are other draw-card exhibitors. But, this does not mean that I will not return next year &, of course, I found enough to interest me for the day & empty my wallet! Anyone interested in scrapbooking, quilting or beading would have been more than happy I’m sure but yesterday I went in search of more fibre type goodies. Overall I think there were 4 yarn-type exhibitors.

Jenny King, (whose website by the way does not do her justice!) had a range of her crochet designs exhibited and her patterns for sale. There was some yarn, not much. I especially liked the skeins of Debbie Bliss silk. It was here that I picked up a pattern for a jacket. Now I’m not a crocheter but Jenny assured me it was simple and I think I can muddle through. I also got some lovely wooden buttons from Jenny. The jacket pattern requires one feature button but not being able to decide, I purchased 2.

Also exhibiting was Prudence Mapstone. Prudence provided the inspiration and motivation for me to try my hand at freeform bags. Prudence’s stand is always a visual feast but there was nothing new for me here. I have her books and could not contemplate the beautiful crochet hooks that were way out of my price range.

Another yarn exhibitor was Yarns Galore . I have shopped at their online store but found nothing to tempt me yesterday.

The other yarn/fibre type exhibitor was Threads and More. Another online store I have frequented. The problem with online yarn stores is that often not all the stock is on the website and the customer is not tempted by the tactile response elicited by a visit in person. I have been lucky enough to be able to visit the “real” store of Threads and More. It is a yarnaholics delight! So I looked forward to visiting their booth yesterday & knew that this was where I would no doubt spend my savings.

After attending their workshop on using the daisy wheel I knew what I wanted to buy. I came home with 2 colours of the Jo Sharp Rare Comfort Infusion Kid Mohair and some glitzy acrylic. Now the glitz isn’t overpowering and the real colour is more green. In the overall project, which requires something like 200+ daisies to be made, there will only be a touch of the glitz, with the majority being the purple.

I also bought home 2 more skeins of the recycled sari silk with the intention of making a shrug.

At both stands where I purchased patterns (Jenny King & Threads and More) it was only once I had seen the made up items that I wanted the patterns. All 3 patterns are pretty ordinary to look at on paper. That’s why I haven’t bothered with pics of the patterns. I will wait until I have some finished items to show.

My other purchase is related to the crazy quilting I have been doing lately. I need to be able to dye lace (successfully). So, yesterday I made a point of attending a demonstration of lace dyeing by Starr Laces and Ribbons. I came home with a starter kit containing 4 colours of the Ozecraft dye and a heap of guipure lace to practice on.