The Kindness of Strangers….& Friends

I have been blessed this week to witness the kindness of both strangers & friends.

Every Tuesday the Duck Creek Craft group meets in the home of one of it’s members. On Monday I received a phone call from our secretary checking that I would be there the next day as there were some matters that needed to be addressed by the whole group. Little did I know there was some scheming going on! No sooner had I arrived and a cake was presented to me. Mmm note the conspicuous absence of cake pictures! Trust me it was yummy, a light airy sponge filled with strawberries & cream. The cake (& card signed by all) was to congratulate me on my recent graduation. What a lovely surprise. I have got pics of the cake decorations (‘scuse the blurry one).

You may remember a previous post where I mentioned that my parcel from my pal in the International Tote Exchange had gone astray and a ‘Tote Angel’ had volunteered to make me another bag so I wouldn’t miss out. This morning my parcel from the Tote Angel arrived. In a bright red box so I wouldn’t miss it! My tote angel turned out to be none other than Mary from Las Vegas AKA vegasangelbrat. Thank you Mary!

Mary not only crocheted & felted me a great bag, she then went & filled it full of goodies. Be warned, there are lots of pics ahead…first the fabulous tote:
These colours are great. I am a jeans & brown kinda gal. Notice the cute earrings Mary has put on the pockets. They are so delicate looking. She included this gorgeous card to reveal herself:
Inside the bag was stuffed full. Next out came the yarn:
Mary included 4 balls of Lion Brand Wool which is apparently great for felting. Next was a lovely angel plate
some herbal teas, including a mix for raspberry flavoured iced tea. I have never seen this before & it looks very yummy.
Next were some notecards & a fridge magnet (which I think Mary made). It’s on my fridge now!
“Thank You Mary” seems really inadequate. Mary has gone out of her way to put together this amazing parcel for someone she doesn’t know and it has made my day.