I finished the bag I was making out of the Te Awa yarn I won on ebay. Here it is pre felted. I was a bit disappointed that the purple has almost disappeared into a sea of blue & green.

This close up shows the purple squiggly yarn I used as an accent around the top and the glass beads. Another lesson learnt from this is if I am going to felt I really should use larger beads. After felting a few of the beads have disappeared into the mix.

Now, where are the post-felting pics you ask?
Because I wasn’t entirely happy with the colour outcome before I felted the bag I tossed it into the dye pot. The bag is now complete. It has been dyed (much darker than I thought it would be), there is still a hint of the stripes, it has been felted and the handles have been attached.
The bag is being gifted so pics will be posted in a couple of weeks after it is delivered.