HSKS Bag Completed

One of the requirements for the Hogwarts Sock Kit Swap is to make a bag in your recipients house colours. This can be sewn or knit. It just so happens that my pal is also in Ravenclaw. Do you know how hard it is to find blue & silver or blue & bronze yarn? Even harder to find sock yarn (another requirement of the kit) in these colours. Blue & a silvery grey is as close as it gets.

The plan I had was to knit a blue bag which I would later felt and somehow add the silver or bronze accents with beading (or something).

However a quick visit to the local craft store revealed 10 balls of Panda Starshine in blue & silver! I paired this with some silver metallic thread. Both were used double.

The bag was an idea roughly sketched out with a vague idea of design. It just evolved as I knit.

Just waiting the arrival of the sock yarn, need to source some special sock knitting needles, make some stitch markers and choose a sock pattern…..
A special friend started a blog on the weekend and it got me thinking. How would people find a new blog? How do people find old blogs? I checked the number of blogs I subscribe to and the list is up to 71.
A lot of these I have found through swaps I am in, groups I belong to where the members have blogs, or as links from other blogs.
I thought occasionally I would post a link to one of these blogs.
Not all are knitting blogs, some are art, some are textile arts, some I visit for the visual stimulation, others for the conversation.
I hope you will enjoy some of these blogs and find some inspiration along the way.
The first blog, a new blog, is Art Inklings. Enjoy.