Yes I’ve been tagged by Mary so now have to list 7 random facts about myself.
It was hard to know where to start so I “copied” from Mary. I looked at Mary’s answers (well she didn’t have them covered up!) and answered along the same theme.

1. Money in my wallet doesn’t have to face the same way BUT all notes of the same denomination are together and in ascending order from the back. So the $50s are at the back, then the $20s, then the $10s, then the $5s. Notice there are no $100 notes in my wallet πŸ™

2. I also separate M&Ms, Smarties, jelly babies etc by colour. I eat the red ones first, then it doesn’t really matter what colour comes next but I try to eat all of one colour before moving on to the next colour.

3. I don’t mind how the towels are folded but they do have to be neat & straight. Also tea towels have to hang straight and even on the rod.

4. I sound about as obsessive as Mary. I also have to hang pictures straight. If I see a crooked picture somewhere else it is hard for me to concentrate on other things, I’m just itching to straighten it!

5. I always put my right shoe or sock on first. If I force myself to put the left one on first it just doesn’t feel right.

6.I like banana lollies & banana sandwiches but not banana cake, or any kind of cooked banana.

7. I agree with Mary on this one. Everything has it’s place & I get really annoyed if anyone “borrows” (takes) my stuff & doesn’t put it back where it belongs.

So there you have it, 7 random facts about moi. Anyone who hasn’t already been tagged, consider yourself tagged now.

In my last post I forgot to give you a link to another blog I read. Well I’ve already linked to Marys blog so how about Heather. Heather has a great sense of style & her blog is full of beautiful photographs. Enjoy.