Gift Received & Sizing Issues

Now that Mary has received her parcel I can post a pic. This is the bag that I knit in the blue/green /purple Te Awa yarn hoping the purple would be the main feature. Unfortunately the green seemed to become the predominate colour. As Mary is more a purple loving gal with an aversion to green the bag was dyed. I was so happy with the rich colour that resulted, and Mary seems to like it too!

I have been doing some more research on the future VK project mentioned in my last post. It seems the biggest issue is the sizing. VK has now posted a correction to say that the garment is not fitted as stated in the pattern, rather the sleeves are fitted. Even so there have been numerous posts by knitters who ended up with an enormous”thing” and many have had to alter the pattern to fit them. Even so I find I am undaunted (although a little nervous). I am still going to knit this. In fact I have completed one pentagon. I will post a pic as soon as I take one. I cast on in Noro Silk Garden but am wondering if this is the way to go? I think a rich chocolate brown or even a purple may be the final choice, or white, or black, or… Back to the pentagons…they are easy to make. The finished garment looks complicated and I think this is part of the appeal. A simple knit that looks really difficult because of its unusual construction. I am hoping that because of its modular type construction that I will be able to overcome the size issue. (wish me luck).