Yarn, Pentagons, Books & Quilting

As the title would tell you this post is a bit of everything. Firstly, I received my Ravenclaw sock yarn. This came from an etsy seller, who also hosts the socks in the city podcast (have a listen if you enjoy knitting, especially sock knitting). I’ll put a link to Dharmafey’s etsy shop here. If you want some great yarn at good prices with excellent service you should pay her a visit. The yarn is soft & squishy, it arrived quickly & the communication and friendliness of Carrie was amazing! She is currently stocking Labyrinth inspired hand dyed yarn.

On knitting news: I have completed 2 of the 11 (?) pentagons required for the Vogue Knitting capecho. They are an easy knit. If you can cable, K2tog & ssk you’ll have no problems. I have noticed that when you pick up stitches for another pentagon that it does distort the previous shape. You can see some distortion here on the pentagon on the right. I’m also wondering how it would look in an 8ply (DK weight) on smaller needles. This is Noro Silk Garden and is quite drapey.

Last week I paid a visit to ebay just for a look. I was so excited to find 2 books that I really wanted. One book I have been coveting since it was first published but at the time was prohibited from buying it because of the price. I will tell you more about this one in my next post. The book I’ll talk about today is one I didn’t really know existed although I have heard a lot about its 2 authors.

When I first was inspired to try freeform knitting & crochet after seeing the work of Prudence Mapstone, I researched further and came across the names of Sylvia Cosh & James Walters. So when I came across this book of theirs published in the 1980s I quickly hit the “Buy Now” button before someone beat me to it!

The book explores free form crochet, technique, where to find inspiration, design & putting it all together. For a book that’s nearly 20 years old it shows no sign of being out of date.

And the quilting, just for Mary, because she asked for a look. This is the quilt I am currently working on. Each block is pieced and consists of 3 colours. At the moment I am appliquing the dragonflies & flowers onto it. I only have about 3 or 4 to go & then my part is finished. This is one that I will have professionally quilted.

And the blog link for today is http://ammit.exblog.jp/. This blog belongs to a knitter in Japan who has recently discovered free form crochet herself. The most recent posts show her work in this area. Going back through the archives will uncover her innovative design work in knitting. I also love the translations to English.