Lizard Ridge Block #7

Finally got another block done for the Lizard Ridge afghan. This sits at the bottom of my knitting basket so often gets forgotten. Because it has been a while since I’ve knitted a block, I had forgotten that after every 6 rows I was supposed to change which end of the yarn ball I was knitting from. When I first realised this I was tempted to leave it as it was and continue the knitting, thinking that because it is Noro the colour change happens anyway. But it’s only 43 stitches in a 12 pattern repeat, and I’d only done 1 1/2 repeats when I realised my mistake; so I frogged it. After knitting it up *properly* I can see that by changing yarn ends every 6 rows results in a more obvious colour change which I love.
So here is block #7 in Noro Kureyon shade 124.

Now that I have a few blocks knit I will steam block them and lay them out to get a better idea of how this blanket is going to look. I do have quite a few to go though! The pattern calls for 24 blocks. However my blocks are slightly longer, being 5 repeats not 4 (as in the pattern) so I may get away with only 20.

The idea of felting this is very tempting but I would need a lot more blocks to make up the loss of size that would occur with the felting process. But I can imagine the merging of the colours in a felted Noro afghan. If you know of anyone who has felted their Lizard Ridge please let me know.

The other knitting I have done is to complete a 3rd pentagon on the VK capecho/bolero. This is also Noro (I love Noro!!) but in Silk Garden. The pentagons definitely grow when stitches are picked up from its edge to join another one on. The middle shape has sides that are about an inch longer now. I’ll keep joining until I get to 6 & then I will assess for the size (the pattern calls for 7 on the first row).

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