Noro & Nudes

I seem to be spending my knitting time working on the Lizard Ridge afghan at the moment. There are probably a couple of reasons for this.

One is that when you have a blog, predominately a knitting blog, you like to post regularly with pictures. I’m sure it is more interesting to see pictures of finished items rather than an update pic of a sweater with 4 more rows done. Although a picture of another Lizard Ridge block day after day is also sure to get monotonous! Are they starting to look the same?
The other reason for my renewed interest in this project is that I sort of forgot about it for a while & since “finding” it again I want to knit it all the time. The blocks are quick and, with the changing Noro colours, are also interesting.
Finding a range of Noro Kureyon in Australia can be expensive & difficult. I don’t have a LYS, let alone a LYS that stocks Noro; so I have to order online. What I have now done is to sign up for the Noro Kureyon club with Yarniverse. Even with postage costs from the US, the actual cost is comparing favourably to what I pay to buy locally, and I get a new colour every 4-6 weeks. I have just received my first skein from Yarniverse in a colourway that is quite different to what I have been using so far, but I would like to brighten it up a bit anyway.
I still have a few balls previously bought here that I will use first. So, here is Lizard Ridge block # 8 in Noro Kureyon #90.

There looks to be a little hole in the centre but that is not obvious in person and is probably due to the characteric handspun look of this yarn.

I have been asked if I found differing thicknesses in my Kureyon. Well:

yes I have. While this example is probably the most extreme example I could find, this was what my last skein was actually like, which would explain the “hole”. Overall though I don’t mind this. What I like about the Noro Kureyon is that it looks handspun (well, my attempts at handspun anyway!)

Continuing the Noro fan club, I have knit another pentagon on the VK capecho/bolero/shrug using Noro Silk Garden.

Each new pentagon seems to make the whole thing grows as it puts strain on the picked up edge. At this rate I will be stopping after I have 5 pentagons on this row.

I also received 2 new books this week. I will give a bit of a review on them after I have had a closer look.

Mother’s Day has been & gone. I had a lovely day. Lovely, thoughtful pressies from my 2 boys and then some valuable “alone” time. I enjoy time to myself, whether I sit quietly & read or whether I have a project I want to work on. This year I spent the mother’s day weekend working on a project. Our house is open plan with off white walls & whitish tiles. That has now changed (slightly) and hopefully there will be more colour to come. I spent the weekend painting a feature wall. It all started with an art class I did. I produced a large charcoal drawing of a nude (there are pics on this blog previously), anyway, I got my “lady” framed and then needed somewhere special to place here. The end result is the blue wall.