Rowan Bamboo Tape Collection

I want to first apologise for the quality of the photographs. I don’t know what’s going on, maybe I need to recharge the battery, but the pics are not as clear & crisp as I’d like.
The first of my new books is The Bamboo Tape Collection, Twelve Designs by Marie Wallin and Martin Storey using Rowan Bamboo Tape.

The book opens with an info page telling us how wonderful bamboo is and why we should be knitting with it. I, personally, haven’t knit with bamboo; but from what I’ve heard I am keen to try, and what better way to start than with Rowan.

It a smallish book, about 24 cms or 9 inches square, just under 60 pages, soft cover.

What attracted me to this book initially were a couple of pictures I came across. These pictures were from the book and I was taken by the (what I first thought) simplistic, asian-inspired designs.

After receiving the book and looking more closely I noticed this:

and this:

And there are more. These unusual details on a simple line make the designs so clever. I also think this is integral to the asian look of the designs. Basically simple in form, with a clever, intricate twist in the detailing.

I think the first obstacle will be deciding which of the designs I would like to knit first.

The other stumbling block will be the cost of the Bamboo Tape……..but just how successful would a substitute be?