Scarf Exchange Over

I can’t believe that I just spent ages getting a heap of links into this post, making sure all the details were correct, then I actually published the post. Luckily I went back to check that the links were actually working… that’s when I realised I had posted to the Scarf Exchange Blog and not to this, my personal blog. Oops, bad blogger! So I quickly deleted it all – without first looking if I could have just copied it (links & all) to this blog.
So I will start again. It is a post worth repeating.
These last couple of months I have been participating in the International Scarf Exchange. This exchange is now over for me (until ISE5). My package arrived safely in Canada last week and yesterday I received my parcel from Eve.
Eve knit me a lovely scarf from Elsebeth Lavold Silky Wool in a rich purple colour (Lava?). The pattern is Branching Out from This scarf is perfect. I love the colour & the design . It is a very wearable scarf, given the climate here & I’m sure I will wear it often.
Eve also sent me some Cascade 220, which I have used (& loved) before in felted bags. In the parcel there was also some lovely hand soap & the yummiest smelling candles. They come from here and mine are Black Raspberry. They are so yummy that I don’t want to light them & use them up!
Thanks Eve, a great swap package.