Blanket & Book

I have made great progress on the Lizard Ridge afghan since joining the Kureyon club. I want to use what I already have before any more club skeins arrive and I have a backlog. Then I will just knit a block as each new skein arrives. The latest completed blocks are:

Colourway# 148

Colourway# 52

So far I have 10 blocks done. I’m not looking forward to all that seaming but it will have to wait until all the blocks are completed so I can choose the best layout of colours.

The book I wanted to tell you about is this one. Designer Knitting with Kitty Bartholomew.

Being in Australia I have no idea who Kitty Barthlomew is/was.
After reading the cover flap I discovered that at the time of writing this book in 2005, Kitty is an interior decorator who can be seen on the HGTV Home Show and on Oprah.

Kitty’s flair with colour is seen throughout the book – this is one woman who knows what colours suit her.

As Kitty herself says in the introduction this book is not full of many different patterns with fancy stitches. What the book does provide is inspiration and something to stir your imagination.

Kitty Bartholomew designs & knits her own jumpers. Most times she combines 2 or more yarns on large needles and knits to suit her body & wardrobe needs.

I got mine from Amazon.