Week? What week?

I can’t believe it’s been a whole week since I last blogged. Where did that week go?

I have got a couple of FOs, although they are small. The first is the latest Lizard Ridge block in Noro Kureyon # 128. The colours were tricky to photograph in this one. The blue is really green and the pale orange is a burnt orange. The purple colour is more a dark crimson, etc etc. But this gives you an idea.

The other finished object is my beanie. I used the Malabrigo from my secret pal in a basic double rib pattern (sorry I lost the pattern link). It is lovely yarn to knit with. Now, I’m not normally a hat person, let alone a knitted hat person, but if this weather keeps up (the wind, rain & icy temps) well I’m now prepared! The “hat” problem I have is what do you do with your hair?

The other knitting news that has 3000+ international knitters very excited right now is the Mystery Stole 3 KAL. The first “clue” is being released today “their time” which I guess means the middle of tonight my time. But that’s OK, I’m not a lace knitter, I don’t know how much I’d wear a stole but, hey, I’ve joined & I’ve got supplies & I’m gonna knit this thing (I hope). I like the idea of manageable chunks of pattern to get through & not being daunted by the complete pattern in front of me from the start. Although I can download & print off the pattern &, in theory, knit it whenever, I am hoping I can keep up with the weekly pattern instalments. And it’s always great to be part of an online knitting community. And, if over 3000 other people think it’s a good idea, I want in!

The suggested yarn is Zephyr in either black or white. Black or white, because these colours will suit the theme of the stole better but we can use other colours & it’ll be OK. I definitely wouldn’t wear a white stole, I probably would wear a black stole. But, this is a big BUT, I’ll surely go crazy trying to knit black lace when I’m inexperienced in the lace knitting area. Have you seen how thin this yarn is, how tiny those needles are?? So, I’ve chosen to deviate from the suggested thematic colours and instead have opted for the Zephyr yarn in Blueberry. The yarn is 50% wool/50% Tussah Silk and I ordered it locally from Yarns Online.

My other weapons of choice are Addi Lace Needles in 3.25mm and an Addi crochet hook in 0.75mm. Yep, 0.75mm! That’s one tiny hook, it will be used for adding beads as I knit. This method saves threading all the beads on first and having wear & tear on such a fine yarn.

Usually my knitting is done at night. Although I think with such fine yarn & needles (by my usual standards anyway) and waning eyesight I will need to find some daylight hours in which to knit this stole. Hopefully my next post won’t be a week away & hopefully it will contain some stole progress.

Don’t forget sign ups are open until July 6.