Knit Picks

After hearing the hype & finally finding a great deal in Australia, I have got my hands on a Knit Picks Options Set. And I love it!

Now I do have a set of Denise Interchangeables that I’ve had & used for a while. But somehow they seemed not quite right. I really like the idea of interchangeable needles but the Denise’s seemed chunky. They are plastic and the tips are more rounded than pointed. Now the Knit Picks are sleek metal with nice points, a thinner more flexible cord and in a great looking case. Now to find the perfect project to see if they live up to my expectations.

For other Aussie knitters who are interested in a set visit Donyale. There’s info on all the set options here and here. Donyale can also supply Ashford spinning equipment. And to make it even more attractive (as if you needed more) Donyale offers a discount to bloggers and this month is free postage for orders over $70.