Two Timing? Who Me?

Calling me a two timer? A hooker? In danger of being lured to the dark side?

What ever terminology you want to use, I do find myself developing another interest. Just look at my book purchases/acquisitions over the last few months.

A couple of classics from the “mum & dad” of crochet, James Walters & Sylvia Cosh.

Also some more recent publications.

I have ‘met’ 2 new friends over the internet, both hook wielding fibre artists.

I’ve joined another Yahoo group.

It’s obviously only a matter of time before you see a WIP here with trebles & chains instead of knits & purls.
I suppose in hindsight I did learn to crochet around the same time as I learnt to knit. I remember an old lady who lived in my street teaching myself & a friend how to make a blanket, round & round & round I went for years. I never was shown how to start though so I wasn’t game to finish that blanket & start another. I also didn’t know how to stop so I just kept going. I wonder what happened to that blanket??

My interest in crochet now is more ….how can I combine the two, knitting & crochet?

I have done some crochet (very limited) when I made my freeform handbags, but I want to learn more.

And I know I’m not the only knitter being seduced by the hook.