Thanks SP

My secret pal has struck again!..and all I can say is Wow! Thanks Ericka Jo. Actually I will say more than Wow! because I want everyone to know what great stuff Ericka sent me (that’s why she won a best pal award).

First the yarny goodness. Check out the colours in this roving….isn’t it beautiful. 100% handpainted Romney from Spunky Eclectic . I really hope I can do this justice, but then I’m thinking this would look great in a thick/thin rustic-style yarn knit into a scarf/throw. What do you think?

And there’s a great pottery butterfly pin (from Sunshine Pottery in Maine) in the parcel that would look fab pinning the whole thing together.

Cute card too huh? Inside it says we have to pee.

Next out was this ginormous mug and chocolate. The mug is made by Amy (Spunky Eclectic) herself. I can’t wait to have a giant brew in this!

And the chocolate sounds divine. (I’m just waiting until I’m alone so I don’t have to share *vbg*). Listen to this…raspberry lemon crunch with lemon biscotti..dark chocolate with smooth raspberry lemon truffle and biscotti bits

How yummy does that sound!

And last, but by no means least, THE BOOK. Yes, Ericka Jo sent me a copy of the Yarn Harlot’s new book.

And I’ll let you peek inside…….

Yes, signed by Steph herself for me. How lucky am I to have been given Ericka Jo as my spoiler for my first ever SP experience.

Thanks Ericka.