A Series Of Unfortunate Events.

A couple of weeks ago I was driving home from my sewing groups first ever trivia night. It was around 11pm on a Saturday night (when I’m usually curled up on the lounge or in bed). Without warning some %$#^! idiot crashed into the back of my car. I can only be thankful that my car is built like a tank apparently, and suffered only minor damage (that’s my car below). The other car is a mess!

This young man had been seen about 30km away driving in the same manner, ie. dangerously! He was speeding & passing cars where it was illegal & unsafe to do so. I don’t know what his story is (he was not driving under the influence of alcohol).

I have always been a believer that everything happens for a reason. In this case I like to think that I was on that particular road at that particular time to prevent someone else dying. If this maniac had travelled another 5 km he would have been in the town and, if he continued to drive as he had been doing for quite some time, it could have been a very tragic ending.

OK, so now I just have to figure out the reason for this…

Over the weekend we travelled to the Sunshine Coast of Queensland (about 3 1/2 – 4 hours drive north) to visit with family. We checked in and were immediately impressed by our accommodation, with me exclaiming that I could easily spend a week there! The apartment was large, lots to keep everyone happy (pool, spa, sauna, tennis court, exercise room, games room, etc) and the car was safely ensconced in the underground secured car park.

Each day we would visit the relatives and do some activity. We went to Australia Zoo on Saturday, had breakfast by the beach at the local surf club, played beach cricket yesterday & visited the shopping centre. Each time we locked our apartment and drove our car. On return, we would put the car in the secure car park (accessed only by an apartment key).

Yesterday morning we packed to return home. A load of luggage was placed in the back of the car, nothing unusual was noted. The last remaining odds & ends were gathered up & we made our way to the car for the return trip home.


Some %#$@! person/s had broken into the car during the night. Both front door locks are mangled! I now have to be careful not to lock my car because if I do I can’t unlock it! So, until repairs are done, I am having to leave my car unlocked if I need to go somewhere. Our Tom Tom navigation system that was in the glove box was stolen.

It might take some time before I can figure this one out.