I have started to think about my design for part 2 of the Sumptuous Surfaces course. A lot of ideas drifted in (& out again).
It’s approaching Spring here in Australia so I contemplated Spring as a concept; new life…..
I opened my front door this morning & was struck by the Art Deco design on the glass….mmm..could this be a possibility.
I ate my breakfast looking at my blue wall and the charcoal nude. Perhaps the concept of acceptance (of ourselves & others).
Nothing seemed quite right.
The latest design I have been toying with is that of balance. This design is the result of looking at Japanese ideas, Koi carp, Yin & Yang…

This is a rough idea of what I may use. I’m thinking I could colour the ground cloth in a pale mauve, stitch some ‘lines’ in a dark blue, embroider & bead textural shapes, one in purples, the other in reds. The colour scheme is analogous: red, blue, purple. Then, for contrast, I’d add the complementary colour of yellow into the mix; some gold perhaps towards the centre.

Too cliched?

(this design is the result of a combination of designs I found on Google images)