With Trepidation

Yesterday I blogged about the concept/design for the second half of the Joggles course with Sharon B. Part of the course involves an online forum where students can interact & post questions/thoughts/pictures etc so the rest of the group can see what everyone else is up to. Our amazing teacher, Sharon, responds at least twice a day to all posts there. She is very encouraging & also extremely knowledgeable/experienced in this field. I am so happy that I enrolled in this course as I’ve learnt so much about design that can be applied to all mediums, not just contemporary embroidery.

After posting on the class forum about my new design ideas Sharon stopped by my blog to check out what I had in mind.

Here is her comment…(I hope you don’t mind me quoting you Sharon)…

“…normally I would point out that this is a very dramatic combination of colours that would be hard to handle but you handled drama exceptionally well in your monotone piece and so I am hesitant to pull you back from what could be a very unique strength – (I may squash something precious) so go with these colours if that is what is speaking to you but be aware of the challenge”

Yes! I love a little drama in textile art. These colours do speak to me. At first I was going to respond by asking Sharon what challenges/pitfalls I should be aware of, but then I thought that if I knew I may plunge headfirst into a big mess! So, with a little trepidation, I am proceeding on this design concept, with the original colour combination. That’s not to say that it won’t change along the way, let’s see where this design takes me.