Knit, Frog, Knit, Frog, Knit….

Yes, I’m still plodding along with the Cabled Bolero (is that what it’s called??). You know, the Nora Gaughan one from Vogue Knitting…seems so long ago.
Anyway, I was making great ground until the sleeves. I don’t know where my brain was..but I’ve knit & frogged, knit & frogged, knit & frogged & am knitting again. The same sleeve, over & over.
And if you think it looks different from the original, you’d be right. I’m using a remodelled version from here .
I just know that after all these problems that it won’t fit properly…or I won’t be happy with it for whatever reason. You see, I’m one of those knitters who knit for the process, not the product. As long as I’m enjoying the process, I’m happy. That’s not to say that I don’t enjoy a finished object (after all that means I can cast on for something else, guiltfree). What I really enjoy is the actual knitting, the rhythmic movements, the almost meditative state I can enter (no, I’m not going to say that knitting is the new yoga!) and I love the yarn! I can’t believe how far yarn has come in the last 20 years, really even the last 5-10 years!
So, I’m a process knitter.
But, I feel a change coming.
I want to do more, push the boundaries further, and, yes, even knit something purely for the end product. It is because of these reasons that I enrolled in the City & Guilds Hand Knit Textiles course. I want to improve my skill level, I want to learn about colour & design and eventually I want to design my own stuff. In the meantime, and as an adjunct to the colour/design theme, I am going to be doing more freeform.

I opened the etsy shop as an outlet for my freeform items and also as the motivation to keep me freeforming. Next weekend I am going on a retreat with Prudence Mapstone and I can’t wait!

And an added bonus with freeform…I have a legitimate excuse to acquire more yarn, lots more yarn!